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Nine Thai is proud to provide its customers with Thai traditional or Thai/Chinese weddings and engagement ceremonies. It can serve you with either morning ceremony, in-house or even at the customers’ place. Nine Thai provides Buddhist ceremony, Thai Khanmaak parade, Proposal ceremony, engagement ceremony, pay respect to elders, Holy Water ceremony, wedding certificates arrangements and bedding ceremony. Its experienced coordinator and MC who specialize in Thai wedding will help the inexperienced couple throughout the wedding.

“Let us be part of your special day”

Buddhist Ceremony: Thai auspicious ceremonies always start with making good merits. So 9 monks will be invited and offered with breakfast in order to bless the couple. All equipments needed and invitations for the monks will be arranged by Nine Thai.

Khanmaak Parade: When it’s time, the groom’s representative will lead the family to come to propose in a parade with wedding gifts for the bride’s family. Gifts may vary from local traditions. Nine Thai provides you with the arrangements of all wedding gifts, the full band, “golden and silver gates”, feet washing ceremony.

Wedding gifts: are provided by Nine Thai. Each gift is of course in pair, and is of Thai auspicious names or implications. All of this is for the purpose of blessing the couple with long loving life

พานพิธี พานพิธี พานพิธี พานพิธี
Proposals, engagement and paying respect to elders

Proposal ceremonies  By Thai cultures, in order to honour the bride’s family, a representative from groom’s family officially proposes to the bride’s parents.

Engagement ceremonies  By Thai cultures, engagement gifts are given to the bride’s family to commit to the marriage. These gifts are given and counted in front of the family and relatives who gather as witnesses.

Paying respect to elders  To pay respect and introduce a new family member, Thai people call upon each relative to pay respect to starting from grandparents, father and mother, uncles and aunts, etc. A tray of candles and flowers is passed to the elders, they then bless the couple and give the couple envelope. The couple then give the elders the wedding gifts in return.

Holy Water ceremonies  After the couple are seated on a special holy water tables, they are then given with flowers, anointed, and blessed with holy water that they received from the monks. All guests would join this ceremony to congratulate and bless the couple.

Marriage registration  A Thai local officer is invited to officially register the newlywed as a lawful husband and wife.

Bedding ceremonies  As part of Thai tradition, an old loving couple is invited to prepare the bed for the couple. They would arrange auspicious things in order, toss flowers and seeds, lay down on the bed and dream of good things. When the couple arrives, they would give the couple a life lesson of how to be a good husband and wife. Then the couple would lay down on the bed.

About Ninethai

Originally, Nine Thai operated as a Thai restaurant since March 2007. But given its beautiful Thai decorations, it received several rental enquiries as a wedding place. After successful weddings, Nine Thai then changed its operation to be a full time Thai traditional wedding venue where all services are available for couples. Its goal is to preserve the traditions for Thai and foreigners, and provide them with rare Thai traditional weddings.

Nine Thai is a contemporary Thai house that combines the traditional Thai house with a modern touch. On upper floor are 3 air-conditioned vintage Thai rooms.
The middle room is reserved for religious ceremonies, the left room is used in Holy Water Ceremony, and the right one is used for Proposal and engagement ceremonies. On ground level, is a modern hall surrounded by gardens and fish ponds in Thai decorations to serve the customers with wedding receptions or any other events.

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Wedding services
Nine Thai Provides full-service Thai wedding/engagement ceremonies and cater both Thai buffet or round tables both in house and at the customers.

Wedding Package


Engagement Ceremony (For 50 guests)
Special promotions 75,000 Baht



Wedding Package (For 50 guests)
Special promotions 89,000 Baht



Wedding Package (For 80 guests)
Special promotions 111,000 Baht

Wedding dinner package


Package Buffet (for 80-160 guests)
Price 85,000 – 119,000 Baht


Package Roundtables  (for 80-160 guests)
Price 89,000 – 125,000 Baht


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