Wedding Package (for 50 guests)
Special Package for Wedding Ceremony 89,000 Baht
From regular price 116,000 Baht

Thai Traditional Wedding!!

  • Buddhist ceremony
  • Khanmark parade
  • Proposal – engagement and paying respect to elders ceremonies
  • Pouring holy water ceremony


Food and beverages for 50 guests

  • Breakfast ( price 120 baht / person) Pork porridge and Chinese fried dough sticks, tea, coffee, hot cocoa (Ovaltine) and lemongrass juice/pendanus juice
  • Lunch Buffet ( price 420 baht / person) 9 lunch menus, fruits and deserts included drinking water and lemongrass juice/pandanus juice


Following services are included in the package

  • Tom-tom drum sets with band in the Khanmark parade to create a Bangkok traffic jam for you
  • Thai traditional dance (3 sets) with music by professional dancers and performers
  • Music with Karaoke
  • Registration table with photo stands
  • Venue and stage decorated with flowers
  • Flower curtain and Flower decoration where applicable.
  • Bride’s bouquet and 6 corsages
  • Heart-shaped packet deposit box and golden wedding gift trays lent to you
  • M.C. prepared for you (English language available if required)
  • Venue and equipments prepared along with our friendly staffs at your service.


Buddhist ceremony  07:10am

  • 9 monks invited to come pray for the couple (with pickup van)
  • A layman is provided to lead the prayer
  • Praying table with vases, jug and holy water vase
  • 9 Buddhist seating for monks
  • Holy threads, candles, joss stick
  • 10 sets of Flowers and candles for the Lord Buddha and 9 monks
  • 9 sets of alms (offerings) to the monks
  • 9 sets of meals offered to the monks
  • 9 sets of food offerings to put in the monk’s bowls
  • Khanmark Parade 09:09am
  • Khan Mark trays x 2
  • Dowry tray x 1
  • Wedding rings tray x 1
  • Invitation Khanmark Tray x 1
  • Candles and joss sticks tray x 1
  • Thai Auspicious snacks tray x 8
  • Banana tree tray x 1
  • Sugar cane tree tray x 1
  • 4 Golden and silver “gates” for the bride’s relatives


Proposal – engagement and paying respect to elders’ ceremony  9:39am

  • 1 Garland for the bride 3 for the parents/representative
  • Golden pillows for paying respect (waii) the elders
  • Golden cloth for the dowry along with seeds and flowers for the ceremony


Holy water ceremony  10:39am

  • Golden seating for the holy water ceremony
  • All equipments prepared including golden conch shells for pouring the holy water
  • Flower pedestal tray with a pair of decorated flower stands
  • Phuang Malai for the bride and groom, Anointing powder , Couple’s holy threads
  • Curtain decoration in the room


*** If required, an interpreter is available at 5,000/person ***

Wedding Package


wedding package

wedding package

wedding package